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What Things in Desert Safari Dubai Make Your Trip Memorable?

Desert Safari Dubai

A trip to Dubai is incomplete without a desert safari adventure. A safari trip consists of several different types of activities ranging from adventurous and thrilling ones to relaxing ones. The adventure includes 4×4 dune bashing, ATV Quad biking, sand boarding, and some relaxing or leisure activities such as camel riding, shisha smoking, and eating a delicious BBQ dinner at the campsite.

Hence, the Best Desert Safari Dubai combines different activities that cater to different preferences of the visitors. A safari tour in this sand landscape offers endless opportunities to experience traditional Arab culture. Here is a detailed guide explaining what makes it even more memorable and exciting.

Fun Activities to Do on the Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Here is a list of some activities or things to try that overall contribute to making a desert safari trip memorable:

  • 4×4 Dune Bashing

Sand Dune Bashing is one of the most exciting parts of the desert safari Dubai since it is a 4×4 vehicle that can accommodate six people at a time and drive deep into the desert. The activity will allow you and your family members and friends to participate together, and you will certainly be amazed by the thrilling experience and the desert scenery you enjoy here. Remember to tuck yourself comfortably and wear the seatbelt.

Prior to dune bashing, you should only eat a light meal. You may feel uncomfortable if you drink excessive amounts of water or eat heavy foods. As highly skilled individuals drive the vehicles, you do not need to be concerned when the vehicles hit steep dunes and make unexpected turns. This new experience in Desert Safari Dubai is all you need to enjoy.

  • Camel riding

Camel riding is, without a doubt, the most fascinating activity to do on a desert safari tour. An activity such as this provides the best insights into the transportation used by locals and experience their culture in the best way possible. While riding the camelback, you can explore the beautiful sights of the desert safari in Dubai for half an hour.

No matter your experience level, a professional guide will provide you with the necessary instructions to mount and dismount the camel and prepare you for a comfortable ride.

desert safari Dubai
  • Sand Boarding

Sandboarding is very similar to ice skating. The only difference between them is that it is performed on sand, while ice skating is performed on ice. As you surf on the sand with wooden boards and glide down from tall dunes, this is an experience that will remain in your memories for a long time.

Everyone is welcome to participate in this activity; the only requirement is to maintain balance on the board. Don’t be concerned about bruising or injury since the sand below you is very soft, and you will simply surf over the dunes and enjoy yourself.

  • Quad Biking

There is nothing quite like the Quad biking experience in the desert safari Dubai to satisfy your craving for adventure. The best way to go on these trips is with the help of a tour guide who can teach you the driving techniques and explain the challenges of driving in the desert. For a safe and enjoyable desert safari experience on quad bikes please wear a helmet, and pair of goggles. There is an age restriction of fifteen for taking this ride, so children are not permitted.

  • Campsite Entertainment

The cultural aspect of desert safaris is also a very important reason for its popularity. Many cultural shows take place at the campsite which includes dance shows like Tanoura and fire shows. You also get a temporary henna tattoo, it’s a fun way to experience a traditional form of body art and create lasting memories of your time in Dubai.

  • Photographic Opportunities

Desert landscape provides stunning and breathtaking views which includes close up shots of vast dunes spread over countless miles, sunrise/sunset views and wildlife of the region. As a photographer you will love to capture such sights and test your photography skills here. So remember to bring your DSLR and other camera equipment as well.


Desert safari offers a fun and exciting way to explore Dubai’s vast deserts and allows you to enjoy a fresh perspective of the city that is not found anywhere else. It is a memorable experience and if you are visiting the city for vacations then do remember to try it out once.

If you are seeking best offers and affordable packages for desert safari tours remember to contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai. Do check our other desert adventure offers which includes dune buggy Dubai tour, dirt biking and quad biking.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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