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How to Reserve a Buggy Tour in Dubai

dune buggy tours dubai

The best way to experience Dubai’s wonders is to rent a dune buggy and ride out into the desert. Dune Buggy Tours Dubai offers a unique perspective of the city that cannot be experienced otherwise. You can easily rent dune buggies from a local tour operator at a reasonable price of hourly charges. Most companies offer 1,2, and 4-seater buggy models suitable for beginners and professional riders.

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time or have never booked a dune buggy tour, here are a few simple steps to follow.

6 Steps to Follow When Booking a Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Here are simple steps you need to follow if you plan to go on an off-roading trip in the wild deserts of Dubai on dune buggies:

  • Research in Tour Operators in Dubai

If you have any plans for booking a dune buggy Dubai tour, then you must do it with a company that has years of experience, is customer-friendly, and guides first-timers.

Search online and read customer reviews about the company or other travel websites before making a decision for a company to use. You can also solicit recommendations from your friends and family members who have previously visited Dubai and used the best tour operators for their desert rides.

  • Ask About the Pricing and the Package Details

When you have decided that you want to do Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai, the next step is to call the company you chose and ask about the price of their packages and what kind of buggies they have. Make sure that the prices of everything you buy are within your budget so you can relax and enjoy your trip without the fear of spending too much. Please always remember that too cheap offers might not be so good after all as you will not have the quality service that you really desire.

The majority of the dune buggy tours in Dubai that we offer are 1-seater models and cost about 600-800 AED per hour, so please make sure you have this amount of budget. If a company is using the price range which is between these limits, then it is possible to ask about the reservation of the seat and what payment method is accepted by them.

Besides these, you can select 2 and 4-seater models and longer tour duration, but make sure to have a budget to match.

  • Book Your Tour

Once you have reviewed the pricing details and chosen a suitable package with your desired buggy model, you can book it on your desired date and time.

You can either book on the phone while talking to the company representative or through the website, where they have online booking forms that you need to fill out and submit with all the details. Please remember to provide correct personal information while booking, such as your name, phone number, email, etc., to avoid any inconveniences later on.

dune buggy tours dubai
  • Confirm Your Booking

Once the reservation is made, you should also make sure to obtain a confirmation email or booking voucher from the tour operator. Take another look and make sure the information is correct. Save your booking number or message whatever you received because you might have to show it on the day of the tour.

  • Read the Rental Agreement and Terms and Conditions

Read the rental agreement and terms and conditions of the company and find out if there are any hidden charges or not. Also, see if there are any additional requirements for the tour, such as minimum age, driver’s license, or previous experience record. Although most companies don’t have these conditions, you must check to confirm.

Read about the cancellation and refund policy as well, because who knows, you might have to cancel the tour if there is an emergency.

  • Prepare for the Tour

Start preparing for your tour; remember to wear lightweight and loose clothes for the dune buggy desert ride. Do pack some essential items like a camera, sunscreen lotion, and water bottle for the tour.

If you have added a pickup service, then be ready at the time the driver arrives to pick you up. When you arrive at the desert, please pay attention to the safety briefing before the tour starts. If you have any questions, ask the tour guide right now to clear your confusion. If you have booked ‘Guided Tours’, then learn the driving techniques of a buggy before heading into the desert.


Dune buggy Dubai tours provide the ultimate fun and excitement for those who seek adventure and thrills in nature. While on vacation this is a must-try activity you need to do. We have outlined the steps you need to follow while booking a buggy tour such as this and if you need more guidance or have any queries related to Dune Dubai desert rides or safaris you can call Best Dune Buggy Dubai.

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