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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Terms & Conditions

We are grateful for your interest in Best Desert Safari Dubai. Our team appreciates your package selection, and we are pleased to inform you that you can make your reservation through the website. Before selecting a tour package, please review our comprehensive terms and conditions.

1. Prices

Besides the ability to make reservations on our website, our master plan will guarantee you value for your money. As a rule, our prices will be calculated per person, excluding the tips visitors may leave for the drivers. Rates may change without notification, particularly in an unexpected event, such as increased lodging rates, petrol prices, or transport costs.

2. Methods of payment

Upon pickup, cash payment is required

Bank Transfer or online payment


Payment can be made by MasterCard debit, Visa credit, or American Express credit cards in AED. OFAC, trade, and authorized countries will not receive our services. Those consumers who are minors / under the age of 18 and make a booking via the website may not register with the website or use it in any way. The cardholder must keep a record of all transactions and merchant policies. The user’s responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of his account information on the website.

3. Confirmation of Booking Through Email

As soon as your booking has been completed, our team will send you an affirmation email. No matter what, please ensure you have given the proper information when booking at the time of year.

4. Policy on cancellations and no-appearance

4.1 Cancellation

Whenever a tour is cancelled or amended, the following cancellation policies apply: Tour cancellations/amendments must be notified 48 hours before the visit date to avoid being charged for the cancellation.

Cancellations or tour amendments must be made within 24 to 48 hours before the tour date to avoid a 50% cancellation fee. A cancellation or amendment to the tour within 24 hours of the departure date will be subject to a 100% cancellation fee.

4.2 Non-appearance

Should you fail to attend the appointment, no discounts will be offered to a limited or full extent. Similarly, we will apply the same condition to safaris, cruises, and tours that have not been used for a reason. Likewise, rescheduling will be treated as a declaration of attendance.

5. Refunds and cancellations

Before canceling your tour package, we recommend carefully reading the cancellation policy. You must notify us in advance of the cancellation of all your reservations. Once we have accepted your cancellation request, we will send you an email or telephone call with information regarding the cancellation of the booking as well as any charges that may be incurred. Unless we receive notification from you or we have informed you of the cancellation, we cannot be held liable for any cancellation costs.

6. Modifications

Several aspects are considered in the design of your package, including road route plans, weather conditions, and several other factors. If this occurs, we can provide alternatives of comparable quality; however, its availability will determine what we can do. However, we will be making changes to our schedule. Compensation is not available during major events, such as earthquakes and floods, for example.

7. A travel insurance policy

If you are sick, injured, injured by an accident, or lose something specific, or even if you cancel the tour, we will not charge you for any damages. To control sudden occurrences, the traveler should prepare a protection plan.

8. Changes in Itinerary 

In your package, you will find orientation and directions subject to change based on neighborhood/weather conditions, road directions, and other factors. Should there be any ambiguity, you may contact the management directly so that the best alternative can be provided according to availability as far as schedules are concerned; Best Dune Buggy Dubai reserves the right to make minor adjustments or changes whenever necessary without having to issue a refund. A natural disaster like an earthquake or flood would not be compensated.

9. Don’t use For Commercial Purposes

Commercial purposes are prohibited on this Site, including selling merchandise and services. You must obtain Best Dune Buggy Dubai prior written consent whenever you wish to advertise, solicit, or link to anything on the Site.

Anyone who violates this provision is subject to investigation and retaliation, including but not limited to removing the offending communication from the Site.

11. Policy on Copyright 

Any user who unlawfully transmits copyrighted material through this site without obtaining a license, express permission, valid defense, or fair use exemption may have their privileges terminated by DesertBookings Travel & Tourism. You are responsible for ensuring that the information you submit does not violate third-party copyrights or other rights.

12. Documents related to travel

Guest/customers must have the appropriate identification and a legitimate ID card for a particular visit. For those who come from a different nationality, this is essential. If these records are unavailable or there is an occasion of misfortune, a discount cannot be offered. Additionally, international visitors are advised to check with their nationality’s embassy here for information regarding passage requirements before planning to come here.

13. Restrictions on the use of the website

This website’s content is owned and controlled by Best Dune Buggy Dubai. Here you will find images, logos, providing travel packages, as well as policy information. This site, content, and services cannot be mistreated or misused.