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Top 5 Must Places to Visit on a Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

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Even though everyone likes to visit Dubai’s top locations like Burj Khalifa or Palm Jumeirah Beach, its deserts are also just as astonishing and worth visiting if you are here on vacation.

The best and most convenient way to explore these deserts is via dune buggy tours Dubai. You can easily rent these from a local tour company at affordable costs, go with your family and friends, and try something exciting and adventurous.

If you are eager to explore the deserts of Dubai, here is a simple guide highlighting the top 5 places that you definitely need to visit. Remember to bring your camera to capture the beautiful desert sights and views that are hard to find elsewhere

5 Best Places to Visit on Your Buggy Tour Dubai Adventure

Dune buggies are powerful vehicles that can easily travel on rough and challenging desert surfaces. You will have no difficulty exploring these places, but remember to follow safety guidelines and understand buggy controls prior to the tour.

  • Al Faya Desert

The Al Faya desert is an ideal destination for those who are looking for a daring and thrilling desert adventure. This location offers varying terrain with difficult and easy paths, making it suitable for experts and beginners.

Al Faya desert is approximately 50 minutes from Dubai along Sharjah-Kalba Road (E55). Use a Google map to reach or avail of your tour provider’s pick-and-drop service and enjoy riding in a 4×4 luxury vehicle.

If you are traveling here for the first time, keep a map of the location so you don’t get lost.

  • Margham Desert

Margham desert terrain is similar to the Al Faya desert and is therefore suitable for both beginners and professional riders. It is located on the highway that connects Dubai to Al-Ain city. Although compared to Al Faya, it is less crowded and, therefore, perfect for those looking to relax in peaceful desert settings and escape the noisy and hectic city routine for a while.

The desert stretches for miles long, so one can enjoy uninterrupted buggy rides and beautiful desert sceneries.

dune buggy tours dubai
  • Al-Qadra Desert

Al Qadra is an ideal tourist destination and popular among families who want to enjoy picnics with kids. It has picturesque heart-shaped lakes nearby, and there are several shops from where you can purchase snacks and local meals that you can savor after your dune buggy excursion.

Talking about dune buggies, this area is perfect for beginners and newbie riders because of the plain surfaces with little to no bumps that offer no challenge at all. The lake here is also home to hundreds of rare bird species, making the whole place feel like heaven.

  • Al Hamar Desert (Big Red-Dune)

Al Hamar is the top location for desert adventure activities in Dubai. Among all the locations we have listed, this one has the most challenging and steep dunes, roughly 300 feet in height; thus, it also allows the riders to enjoy a heart-pounding and thrilling adventure if they are up for it.

Besides challenging terrain, Al Hamar is quite beautiful and unique compared to the other desert locations because the sand here has a red terracotta color that also gives the area its name. Best of all, it is located in close proximity to Dubai, approximately 40 minutes away on the border of Sharjah, and therefore you can easily reach here.

  • Al Awir Desert

Al-Awir desert is another popular location that many adventure lovers like to visit for their Dubai desert adventure. It’s quite less crowded and ideal for beginners and expert riders; it is 35 kilometers from the city center.

If you have booked your tour with a good company like Best Dune Buggy Dubai, they will definitely provide pick-and-drop service accommodation. Besides dune buggy rides, you can participate in other desert safari activities like BBQ dinner and quad biking, relax at the campsite here, and witness the magical dance performances of the locals.


Dubai’s vast and beautiful deserts provide the perfect location for exciting desert adventures like dune buggy rental Dubai. There are tons of places that are worth visiting, and we have highlighted the 5 best above.

Although there are several more, you can check them out. You can ask your tour guide for recommendations about these locations if you are unsure.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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