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5 Top Desert Adventure Activities to Do on a Dune Buggy Tour

dune buggy Dubai tour

Are you looking for some adventure and adrenaline-packed action while vacationing in Dubai? Well, why don’t you try the fun and exciting dune buggy Dubai tour? Dune buggies are specialized vehicles made for driving on rough and challenging desert surfaces. You can rent these for off-road exploration and have fun while participating in a thrilling tour with your fellow riders.

Here is a list of the top 5 activities to do when planning a buggy tour Dubai. Doing so gets you the best value for money and allows you to spend a memorable time on your vacations.

5 Best Things to Do on the Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Here is a list of 5 best things to try on your first dune buggy ride in Dubai for a memorable and exciting experience.

  • Explore the Desert Areas

Rent a dune buggy for an adventurous journey across the challenging and bumpy desert dunes and get your adrenaline pumping, unlike anything you have experienced. These vehicles have powerful engines, large tyres, light chassis and sturdy suspension to provide high speeds over sands and similar surfaces.

If you like nature and have gotten tired of seeing Dubai city sights over and over again, then rent a buggy and go check out the untamed beauty of deserts with your group of friends. These vehicles easily allow you to reach inaccessible areas, otherwise impossible on a regular car.

  • Check out the Scenic Desert Spots and Views

A dune buggy ride in Dubai allows you to go and check out the beautiful desert spots with vast mountain ranges and rolling dunes that can be seen for miles. You can also visit other desert areas that are specially developed for tourists. The most popular ones include the Al Qadra lakes, Al Marmoom Conservation Reserve, Fossil Rock and Jebel Maleihah.

You can choose any of these locations before the tour and plan accordingly for reaching there and what things you like to do. Most people with families like to go for picnics, relax in a peaceful desert environment, and enjoy the views.

dune buggy Dubai tour
  • Adventure and Thrilling Ride

How can you not enjoy a thrilling and adventurous experience riding a dune buggy in the desert? Climb on top of a dune or ride over challenging areas with your friends and engage in an action-packed racing challenge to test your driving skills. Thus, there are many ways to enjoy this ride if you are an adventure lover.

For those who are up for a challenge, there are special desert locations with the most difficult terrain to discover. The popular ones include Al-Hamar (Red Dune) and Al Bayader desert. However, your tour guide can better help you choose an ideal location as they know a lot more about these deserts. So be sure to ask for their help.

  • Witness the Sunset Views

How can you miss the sunset views while in the desert? These are the most beautiful things one can witness here. It also makes you feel like you are in a magical world.

While in the desert for a dune buggy ride, take your buggy on top of a dune or any other suitable spot that offers 360-degree panoramic views and enjoy as the sun goes down; the golden hues on the sand transform the whole place and offer breathtaking views. Remember to bring your camera to capture these views, because you won’t find anything elsewhere.

  • Enjoy Arabian Hospitality and Traditions of the Region

Don’t miss out on the chance to enjoy Arabian hospitality in the desert while on a buggy tour. During your tour, you will probably stay at a desert campsite to relax, savor local refreshments like Arabic coffee, tea, and shisha, and learn about Bedouin traditions.

Also, while reserving your dune buggy tour you can even include other desert activities like camel riding, sand boarding and quad biking for a more memorable and exciting experience.


The Dubai Desert dune buggy adventure is surely an exciting and thrilling activity to do on vacation if you like going for off-roading excursions and driving in challenging areas. These are the top 5 things to do on this tour for a more memorable and fun time.

If you need more guidance about buggy rides and going for the first time, you can always book the ‘Guided Tours’ package and learn how to drive them from expert guides.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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