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Things to Avoid While Quad Biking in Dubai

Quad biking Dubai

If you are in Dubai and thinking of doing something adventurous with your friends, nothing else can beat the fun and excitement of Quad biking Dubai. These ATV bikes are specially designed for off-roading purposes and can easily be driven on rough and bumpy desert surfaces.

If you like exploring nature and want to escape noisy and crowded city surroundings, then a Quad bike Dubai tour is exactly what you seek. However, there are a few things to remember if you plan to go on such an excursion on your vacation that we will explain in today’s blog. So be sure to read till the end.

5 Things to Avoid on Your First Quad Biking Dubai Tour

Here are 5 things to avoid on your quad bike ride in Dubai:

  • Not Drinking Enough Water

Since you will be out on an off-road trip in desert hot weather therefore you must come prepared. The first and most important thing to do is to drink plenty of water. Bring a water bottle and take small breaks along the ride to refresh your body. If you don’t have a water bottle then purchase one from local shops or ask your tour operator to provide you with one, but it’s a must thing to have.

If you have booked a longer-duration tour then pack more water bottles so you don’t run out of supply. Later when you return to the campsite, you can eat snacks and food if you want to.

  • Doing Reckless Driving

Avoid driving recklessly in the desert on quad bikes. Many of us who like driving cars at high speeds and doing daring things will be tempted to do the same while quad biking, however, we must remind you it’s a dangerous thing.

Don’t do anything reckless or perform stunts that might endanger your life. Among many interesting things to do on a quad bike tour, you might attempt to drive on tall dunes at full throttle or down from a height. You might be going quad biking for the first time and unfamiliar with how to drive on desert terrain, so avoid such things.

As a seasonal rider, you might attempt such things with expert guidance and not alone. If you are not then follow your guide instructions and do as they say.

Quad biking Dubai
  • Not Wearing the Safety Equipment

Remember to wear the safety equipment provided by your tour operator, and don’t take it off while driving or riding a quad bike. The equipment includes a helmet, a pair of goggles and sports clothing that protects from flying dust and sand. Since quad bikes are open vehicles, therefore wearing this equipment is a must to protect your body from fatal injuries.

Do take time to inspect the equipment and ensure that it fits you properly. Suppose it doesn’t have it replaced. While attempting daring things we have discussed previously, you must never take off this equipment.

  • Forgot to Inspect Your Vehicle

Always inspect your quad bike before the ride and ensure all its controls are working properly. If you wish to have a memorable experience in the desert of Dubai, then you must become familiar with quad bikes. Internet resources will provide you with adequate information.

Travel agencies and rental companies are responsible for maintaining the vehicles. In addition, it is useful if you can identify any mechanical problems with your quad bike before the adventure begins.

  • Polluting the Desert and Throwing Garbage Around

Lastly, remember to respect the environment and ecosystem of the desert and don’t throw any garbage around while off-roading. You might have to pay a hefty fine if you are found doing such activity. If you have any garbage, keep it to yourself or throw it in the trash cans at the campsite so it can be properly disposed of.

Talking about the ecosystem, you might also encounter some rare wildlife in the desert, like Arabian Gazelle, Sand cat or Arabian Oryx; you must remember not to harm them while driving. You might take pictures from a distance, but avoid going too close.


ATV quad biking is undoubtedly among the most exciting activities that you can do in Dubai. Dubai’s desert has a stunning landscape and creates an excellent environment for off-road enthusiasts. So if you are into such things then it’s a must-try thing to do. 

Remember to follow your guide instructions and avoid the 5 things we have highlighted above. If you have more queries, please contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai and talk to our representatives.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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