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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Things to do on a Dune Buggy Dubai Tour with kids

Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

Even though Dubai offers tons of exciting activities for kids and adults alike, but if we want to try something adventurous, unique and safe at the same time then an off-road tour is the best choice. The Dune buggy tours are quite popular among tourists and generally considered family-friendly as well.

These tours are full of excitement, and thrills, and allow us to explore a completely different side of the city. This side shows wide desert landscapes stretching for miles, offering breathtaking natural scenery and a traditional lifestyle of people compared to the tall buildings and luxurious lifestyle we see in the city. Take your kids on a culturally rich experience on this ride.

The Dune Buggy Dubai tour is perfect for families and kids because these vehicles come in 4-seater capacity models, which ensure a relaxing and fun experience. So, if you are here for vacation, be sure not to miss this opportunity to try something unique and enjoy memorable moments with your loved ones. Here is a list of things to do on dune buggy tours Dubai with kids.

Why is the Dune Buggy Tour an Ideal Activity to Do With Kids?

If you want to explore the desert side of Dubai and want to try something unique and exciting with your kids, than dune buggy tours are the perfect choice. These are the only desert vehicles that come with 4-seater modules, comfortable seats, and built-in safety features like doors and roll cages. The kids will definitely have a safe and enjoyable time traveling on bumpy dunes and seeing the beautiful desert scenery in these open-air vehicles.

Besides, these vehicles are designed solely for driving on sand, hills, and other challenging surfaces where our common cars or trucks can’t go. There are many places to visit in the Dubai desert with families. Some of the top ones include Al-Qadra Lakes, Fossil Rock, and Desert Conservation Centers, which are home to many animal species.

Dune buggy tours also provide a much-needed break from the hectic city routine, which is full of hustle and crowds. You can go on desert off-road exploration and relax your mind in the peaceful desert environment without having to worry about anything. Bringing kids along doubles the fun.

5 Things to Do With Kids on a Dune Buggy Tour

Here are 5 fun things to do on a dune buggy Dubai tour with your kids that will make the whole experience more worthwhile.

  • Visit the Scenic Spots in the Area

When going off-roading with kids, always visit some of the best scenic spots in the area. Take regular breaks during the tour to check out the scenery and click memorable photoshoots of kids against the desert background.

You can also relax for a bit and drink water during the break. The dune buggy rides are physically exhausting if driven on longer durations in the desert and with kids in the backseat the breaks are a must.

  • Enjoy Dessert Picnic

You can also enjoy a desert picnic with kids on a dune buggy Dubai tour. The Al-Qadra lakes are a very popular picnic spot among tourists. Pack a few lunch items beforehand to eat during the picnic, or keep hard cash and purchase from local shops as well. Let the kids run and explore the nearby area as you relax and refresh your body.

Dune Buggy Dubai tour
  • Visit Camel Farms

While exploring the desert on dune buggies, take your kids to nearby camel farms nearby. Allow the kids to interact with these animals, even ride on them for a short time, and take some memorable photos with them to commemorate the tour. Don’t worry there will be tour guides available who can handle the camel and ensure the safety of the children.

  • Learn About the Rich Bedouin Culture

Dune buggy tours also present the perfect chance for your kids to learn about the rich Bedouin culture and understand how people in this region live and what lifestyle changes they follow.

During the tour, you’ll stay at a desert campsite where the kids can interact with locals. The locals can explain to the kids in simple terms how they live and what makes it unique. Your kids might become fascinated by this, and it will give them a glimpse of a different culture and help them understand how people lived in the past and survived in this part of the world.

  • Follow Safety Measures

Last but not least, while you are with kids on the dune buggy Dubai tour, please follow the safety measures given by the tour guide. Do as they say, and don’t compromise on anything. Wear the seatbelt while driving, and make your kids do the same at the backseat. Don’t leave the child alone in the back seat of a buggy if he is just 5-6 years old, and drive slowly and carefully on bumpy desert tracks to avoid accidents.


The dune buggy adventure is certainly a fun and exciting activity to go on with the kids. The off-road exploration in the vast deserts gives you the opportunity to bond with your loved ones and enjoy new memories that will last a lifetime. Besides, kids can also spend quality time away from the crowded city for a while and learn a thing or two about the desert lifestyle.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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