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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Make Your Dubai Dune Buggy Trip Memorable and Adventurous

Dune Buggy Dubai

When it comes to exploring UAE’s desert regions, the Dune Buggy Dubai is undoubtedly the perfect choice. These vehicles are designed for driving on rough desert surfaces, where one simply cannot go otherwise.

Many people who like adventure and off-roading activities will be interested in this tour. Here, one can participate in fast-paced racing with other riders, prove their driving skills on tough desert surfaces, and, most importantly, enjoy checking out the beautiful desert areas that are not found anywhere else in the world.

If you are planning a dune buggy rental Dubai adventure, be sure to read this article until the end, as we explain a few tips on how to make the experience more memorable and exciting.

How to Make the Dune Buggy Dubai Tour Memorable and Exciting?

Riding a Dune buggy in the vast and bumpy desert paths is a fun excursion to do, and you can even make it more exciting by following these tips:

  • Go for ‘Guided Tours’ Option

Those who have never driven dune buggies but would like to try it and test their driving skills can choose the ‘Guided Tours’ package. A professional guide can help them learn how to drive in desert areas and tackle challenging and bumpy paths. These guides can also lead the visitors to interesting sights in the region that are worth visiting and tell the local history and culture of these areas.

Such interactions enhance the whole desert tour experience and make it unforgettable. Therefore, do not forget to book ‘Guided Tours’ if you can.

  • Engage in Some Exciting Off-Road Adventure

While riding a dune buggy in the desert, one can engage in some exciting and risky activities which one craves for. Try climbing a tall dune in a matter of seconds, or go on a high-speed chase on bumpy tracks while maintaining the balance of the vehicle. Hence it’s a perfect opportunity to test your limits.

It doesn’t take much time for the heart to start pounding during a dune buggy tour. Upon completion, you will feel more alive than ever before. You will wish to try it again in the future or even tomorrow because of the excitement and thrills. 

  • Bring a Camera

Dubai deserts are filled with beautiful sights that will remain in people’s memories for a long time. From the man-made lakes of Al-Qadra to the red dunes of Al-Badayer, each and every site here offers unique and stunning views. That’s why it’s important to bring a camera for your buggy tour to capture all the incredible scenery.

DSLRs are best because they capture the best shots in HD quality. However, not everyone owns one, so smart phones will work just fine. Just make sure whatever you have is fully charged.

Dune Buggy Dubai
  • Choose Sunset Timing for the Best Views

Sunset views in the desert are unimaginable and amazing. Such views make people feel like they are exploring a completely different planet. The golden hues of sand change in a matter of minutes as the sun goes down, completely transforming the landscape. To witness this natural phenomenon, remember to book your dune buggy ride during the sunset hour.

You can also go on a Nighttime dune buggy adventure, which starts around late evening and lasts until night. After observing the sunset views, visitors can explore the deserts under starlit skies, another exciting experience to have.

  • Combine Buggy Ride With Other Desert Adventures

You can also combine your desert buggy ride with other adventure activities like dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding to make the overall experience more thrilling and unforgettable. Many tour companies offer desert safari tours that combine all the above-mentioned activities in one suitable and affordable package.

Thus, if you have free time and money, we advise you to go on a desert safari adventure that will make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable.


The Dubai Desert Dune Buggy ride is definitely an exciting and fun activity to enjoy with friends and family on vacation or a business trip. There are plenty of things you can do on these desert tours that will make the whole journey memorable. We have highlighted a few of these; there are many others as well. Do ask your fellow riders or someone in a close by circle for additional tips if they have been on such a trip before and what they recommend.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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