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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Make Your Dubai Holiday An Unforgettable Memory With Buggy Tours Dubai

Buggy Tours Dubai

Looking to try some new and exciting activities for your holidays? Something family-friendly that even children might enjoy and will have an unforgettable time? We have just the thing you are looking for: pack your bag and go on an exciting Buggy Tours Dubai adventure right away.

Explore the untamed beauty of Dubai’s deserts and spend some time with your loved ones on the enchanting Al-Qadra lakes, or if you are looking for thrills, then head down to Al-Hamar (Red Dune) and try driving on its big dunes and challenging terrains. Dune Buggy Dubai tour caters to everyone’s needs. Let’s read in detail what makes this tour an unforgettable one.

What Makes Buggy Tours Dubai a Memorable Adventure?

Here are a few reasons why buggy tours make up for a memorable adventure.

An Exciting Off-roading Trip

For those of you who love adventure and like going on off-road tours to relax your mind, then dune buggy rides are perfect for you. Desert terrain is perfect to test out your driving skills as you traverse the bumpy and challenging route, driving at high speed while maintaining your momentum.

Do ask your tour guide for more driving techniques and suitable areas in the desert to test them out. For an adventurous ride, choose a challenging route, but make sure you are well-equipped with safety gear and have good handling skills to drive here.

See the Natural Beauty of the Desert

The dune buggy Dubai tour also offers you the chance to see and capture the untamed beauty of the desert. Those of you who have gotten tired of visiting the same old places in the city should visit someplace different for a change of scenery, and dune buggy tours are the way to do it.

The most popular spots in Dubai deserts for such purposes are ‘The al-Qadra Lakes’ and ‘Dubai Desert Conservation Area.’ Further, your tour guide can help you in locating similar spots since they know every inch of the desert. 

Observe the Magical Sunset Views

The sunset views in the deserts are completely different than what we see in the city from our hotel and homes. Many tourists come to Dubai’s desert only to see these views and capture them on camera. So, if you are exploring deserts, be sure to never miss them and click some memorable photos against the background that you can cherish later on.

Buggy Tours Dubai

Guided Tours

Having a guided expert alongside is always helpful when you are on dune buggy tours. For instance, the newbie riders can learn how to drive a buggy and understand its controls, but more importantly, the guides know the best spots in the desert that you can visit for a memorable time with your family. Plus, they can also tell you a thing or two about local history and how people lived in these areas.

Good and reputed tour companies always offer a ‘Guided Tours’ package. So when you are booking the tour, look for this option if possible.

Book a Complete Desert Safari Ride

In Dubai, you have the option to book a complete desert safari tour that includes dune buggy rides and many more that offer similar experiences like dune bashing, quad biking, and sandboarding. A desert safari tour also offers a lot of entertainment and local dance performances that are guaranteed to make your holidays a lot more memorable.

Call Best Dune Buggy Dubai Today for advance booking and more information on dune buggy rides and desert safaris.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind for Buggy Tours Dubai

Book Your Tour from a Reliable Tour Company

Always book your Dune Buggy tour from a good and reputable company in Dubai. Always go for quality of service and pay extra if you can. Search online and read reviews before making your final decision. Ask for recommendations from those who have been on dune buggy tours before and what they suggest.

Choose the Ideal Time of the Year

Buggy Tours Dubai is best enjoyed in the winter season from October to November since the temperature is warm, and you will feel comfortable riding the buggy and exploring the desert. Do remember to book your tour in advance since it is peak tourist season and also to avoid last-minute increases in prices.

Choose the Buggy Model and Package That Suits You

There are numerous dune buggy models you can book in Dubai that come with different engines and seating capacities; you have to choose one that suits your preferences. For instance, if you are with family, then 4-seater models are best. If you are looking for a solo tour or with a friend, then 1 and 2-seater are the best options.


For a memorable holiday and unforgettable experiences, you can always book dune buggy tours in Dubai. Try something different for a change and explore the beautiful deserts and see what secrets they hold.

If you are in Dubai for the holidays and looking for a reputable company to book a desert ride, you can always call Best Dune Buggy Dubai. We have nearly 10 years of experience in such activities, and our guides are here to make your trip as memorable as possible.

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