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Advantages of a Guided Dune Buggy Dubai Tours

Dune Buggy Dubai

There are several advantages to taking a guided dune buggy tour, regardless of your level of experience. A solo desert expedition may seem romantic, but the benefits of guided tours cannot be overstated, especially for newbie riders.

Here a guided expert will teach you in detail about the controls of dune buggy and how to drive it in desert terrain. Further, you are assured that harm comes to you because the guide will stay alongside you throughout the entire ride. Read on to find more advantages you get when you book guided dune buggy Dubai tours.

Why Are Guided Dune Buggy Tours Better For You?

Here are a few benefits you get when you book guided Dubai desert dune buggy rides.

  • Easy Convenience

When you book a guided dune buggy tour with a reliable company, everything needed for the adventure will be available. Items that fall under this category are safety gear like helmets, gloves, goggles, and sportswear. These items are specially designed for dune buggies and other desert rides, such as quad biking or dirt biking, so people do not get seriously injured in case of an accident.

Moreover, dune buggy tours involve physical activity, and participants end up sweating profusely; on guided tours, you will be provided with refreshments like water, juice, or any other drinks to maintain your hydration levels. Some tour operators also offer a healthy meal at the desert campsite, where you get to relax after the ride.

  • Discover the Scenic Routes

As a newcomer to Dubai, you would be unacquainted with the best places to visit in large deserts. On the other hand, an experienced guide can easily lead you through the most scenic areas of the desert, which will undoubtedly make your travel a memorable experience.

There are secluded sections in deserts where very few people get to travel, and only an informed guide is aware of them. Definitely, a buggy you can drive at the speed you want and go where you want, but why not take the chance to see the most stunning sites?

  • Beginner Friendly Tours

For beginners, a guided tour is the best option. The guide will give you tips on how to navigate the dunes, and you will be dune bashing in no time at all. The driving experience on sand is different from that on other surfaces like roads and streets.

In spite of the fact that you may be an experienced off-roader, your first time on the sand will be a learning experience. The experience of driving on sand will be considerably improved if you have a guide to assist you.

Going out in the desert for the first time may be an intimidating experience for some people, especially if they have spent their whole life in the city. A guide helps you relax in desert settings and stay alongside you so you don’t get lost or go too far.

Dune Buggy Dubai
  • More Security

Even though dune buggy safari Dubai rides are safe for everyone to try, you get the safety equipment. Plus, the buggies are designed in such a way to prevent accidents with features like roll cages, large tires, and seat belts.

Despite all this, there is always a risk if something goes wrong, like what happens if someone gets sick or vomits during the ride and needs quick medical attention. Having another person alongside you in the middle of a barren desert is very beneficial in such a situation; they can bring you back safely and tend to your needs.
You might also get your buggy stuck in the sand if you are not careful. A guide can help you get the buggy out of the sand in no time at all.

  • Right Tour for Skill Level

When booking a dune buggy rental Dubai tour, are you looking for a relaxing ride through the desert while watching the beautiful sunset views on top of a hill or an action-packed ride that is sure to jolt your body and get your adrenaline pumping? The latter one is for experienced riders, and they can benefit from guided tours the same way a beginner will.

A guide surely knows the ideal desert areas where you can drive at high speeds, make long jumps, and try anything daring you want without any problem. Regardless of what kind of ride you are looking for, a guide can ensure that you will receive the experience you desire. Furthermore, they are knowledgeable about which areas are suitable for different levels of experience. Thus, you will be able to enjoy your trip to the fullest and in the most safe manner possible.

  • Learn the History and Culture of The Region

Guided dune buggy tours provide more opportunities to understand the local history. This trip is an excellent way to study local culture as well as the life of a desert dweller.

Tour guides are also locals who are happy to share their lifestyle and knowledge with the tourists and tell them how what customs of the region. Besides being entertaining, these tours are also informative. With dune buggy tours, travelers can explore different segments of Dubai that most tourists are highly unlikely to see on their own. You can enjoy a relaxing or exciting ride, and the well-trained guides are there to ensure your safety and pleasure all the while.

  • Choosing the Right Vehicle

There are several buggy models available to choose from for your desert safari adventure and as first-time visitor having an expert guide alongside makes the selection easy. These models are classified accodrding to their engine type and seating capacities.

First and foremost thing to consider when choosing dune buggy is your skill level. Some buggy models have higher engine and therefore suited for expert. You probably won’t have much knowledge in this regard but a guide is here to provide assistance.


Dune Buggy Dubai adventures are exciting and fun way to explore the beautiful deserts of Dubai that remain untamed and full of nature. Being a first time visitor and having zero experience with dune buggies we recommend that you book guided tours to understand buggy functions and desert terrain.

For more information and advance booking of dune buggy rides do contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai whenever you are in city and looking for an adventurous. Our expert guides are available to make your vacations a memorable one.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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