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Top Tips For First-Time Visitors to Dune Buggy Ride Dubai

dune buggy ride dubai

First-timer dune buggy ride Dubai should keep in mind a few important tips to remember. Undoubtedly, this is your first off-road trip, and you are excited too. However, a person should come prepared and at all times as the desert environment is completely unfamiliar from that experienced in urban settings. Furthermore, dune buggy rides are not everyone’s cup of tea. To assist you in this respect, below are the top tips for first-time buggy riders in Dubai. Let’s get started.

8 Best Tips for First-Time Visitors to Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure

Here are some important tips to remember for newbie riders on dune buggies:

  • Pick the Right Season

The best season to go for a dune buggy ride Dubai is the winter season, starting from October to March. Visit Dubai during these months to enjoy the comfortable exploration of the stunning desert. The weather is cool, and there are plenty of other tourists who have also visited the place; you can get to meet them and acquire new friendships if possible.

If you are coming from a Western country, try to avoid the summer months as Dubai has temperatures of up to 40 degrees Celsius, which are not comfortable at all.

  • Always Choose a Reputable Tour Operator

Due to the sudden rise in popularity of dune buggy rides and other desert activities, you can find plenty of tour operators offering their services in Dubai. However, do not fall for their trap of cheap offers, and do thorough research on your own when selecting a tour operator.

You can search on the Internet when finding tour companies and also read the customer reviews when making your decision. If a company has too many negative reviews or ratings, then don’t opt for them. See another option.

  • Wear Nice and Comfortable Clothes

Remember to wear nice and comfortable clothes for your desert off-roading trip. By comfortable clothing, we mean avoiding tight clothes or anything that exposes your body too much. Wear a long-sleeved shirt and pants to avoid exposure to sun rays. Talking about sun rays, you must also bring a hat and a pair of glasses for protection.

  • Follow Tour Guides’ Safety Instructions

If you have your dune buggy tour booked with a good company, their safety is not compromised, and they take care of them in every way possible. As a consumer, it is your obligation to observe and adhere to the safety regulations that they give.

Before the tour starts, a professional guide will introduce a brief on safety where they normally request you to drive dune buggies at an acceptable speed limit, adhere to the set course, and wear the safety gear that they provide. Make sure that you check the equipment to see whether it fits you and is neither too tight nor too loose, or you can have it changed immediately.

  • Remember to Bring Your Camera

How come anyone witnessed the breathtaking desert views and not photographed them? Well, thats why you must always bring a DSLR camera along with extra batteries to capture the shots of the area. Your tour guide can further tell you scenic locations in the region that are worth visiting and photographing. Even if you do not have a DSLR camera, your mobile phone camera will do fine.

dune buggy ride dubai
  • Book Guided Tours

As a first-time visitor, you must always opt for the ‘Guided Tour option to understand how to drive a dune buggy in the desert and get to know about desert terrain. An expert guide will give you driving lessons so you can operate the buggy with ease, plus they will remain alongside you throughout the tour so you don’t face any difficulty at all.

Do remember, on your first time, drive a dune buggy on an easy path and at a safe speed.

  • Remember to Bring Water Bottles for the Tour

Dune buggy Rental Dubai tours are physically exhausting since you drive dune buggies in desert conditions where temperatures are scorching hot. You will start to feel thirsty quickly and dehydrate as well. That’s why you must bring a water bottle for the ride and drink it throughout the ride to overcome your thirst.

Take regular breaks during the tour to drink water and give your body some rest if possible.

  • Before Riding, Check your Dune Buggy

Even though good reputable companies always keep their dune buggy in perfect condition 24/7, you still need to check them on your own just to ensure everything is okay and you have peace of mind. Take your buggy for a tiny spin to ensure that the brakes, clutch, and other features operate perfectly.


A novice to the buggy ride in Dubai must include all the important tips we have mentioned to provide a safe and comfortable ride. For any other information about the Dune Buggy Dubai rides, such as bookings, safety guidelines, and packages, you may contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai and our staff will be happy to assist you.

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