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What are The Most Popular Buggy Tours in Dubai?

dune buggy tour dubai

The beautiful deserts surrounding Dubai attract a lot of adventure lovers who come here for thrilling off-roading trips every year. Such areas offer the perfect playground for exciting sporting activities like Dune Buggy Tour Dubai.

These tours are the best and most convenient choice for exploring deserts up close and enjoying the region’s natural beauty. You can go on such trips with your family and friends and make memories that will last a lifetime. To help you prepare for this journey, here are some of the most popular dune buggy Dubai tour choices you can get.

5 Most Popular Buggy Tours in Dubai

Here are the 5 popular dune buggy tour options you can choose from in Dubai. It all depends on your budget and preferences:

  • Adventure Buggy Tours

These are the most popular tour choices among tourists, mainly because you can rent a dune buggy, go off-roading, explore deserts, and enjoy the region’s stunning surroundings. You can go as far as you want and drive expertly on the toughest terrain while testing your driving skills.  

Plan a ride with your friends by booking 1 or 2-seater buggies and enjoy a thrilling and memorable adventure as you traverse through bumpy terrain. You can ask the tour guide for the ideal desert location for a heart-pounding experience. The most popular choices are the Al-Badayer desert and the Al-Awir desert.

  • Guided Dune Buggy Tours

For those of you who are new to the desert adventure and rides and don’t know much about it, it is recommended that you go for the ‘Guided Tours’ option. Here, an expert guide can teach you all about buggy riding in the desert including how to drive, what techniques to follow on challenging terrain and safety guidelines to follow. Hence, it’s the perfect choice for newbie riders.

These guides are available throughout the tour for assistance in any way possible, so you don’t have to worry too much. Keep in mind these tour packages might be a little expensive, so plan your budget accordingly.

  • Family and Group Tours

Dune buggies are perhaps the only desert vehicles with a 4-seater capacity and, therefore, an ideal choice for family and group tours. You can even take your kids along for an exciting off-road trip in the desert and try something unique for a change compared to the crowded city. Further, the buggies are equipped with roll cages and seat belts to ensure the safety of the passengers.

However, remember the kids who will ride are the parent’s responsibility, so they must be careful. If there are pregnant women in the group, we recommend they avoid such rides.

buggy tour dubai
  • Private Buggy Tours

If you want an exclusive and premium ride experience, go for the Private buggy tours. In these tours, you will have a dedicated guide alongside you, attending to your group only. Plus, you can choose the tour duration, explore the specific areas of the desert, and customize it accordingly.

  • Sunset Buggy Tours

Explore the deserts during the magical hours of sunset and see how the sand colour change as the sun goes down the horizon. There are specific scenic points that give you the best view of the area, and your tour guide can better help you reach these spots. These tours also include photography services and refreshments. So take this opportunity to witness the stunning sunset views and capture the memorable moments with your loved ones.

The Cost of the Dune Buggy Dubai Tour

The cost of dune buggy rides in Dubai generally varies according to the buggy model and tour duration. You can book dune buggies for 1, 2, 3, and 4-hour durations, which come in 1, 2 and 4-seater models.

The 1-seater Polaris model costs between 799-2199 AED, the 2-seater model costs 899-2399 AED, depending on your chosen duration and the 4-seater model costs 999- 2499 AED. Most tour companies here offer pick-and-drop service, too, which is included in these prices. Also, when you reserve a buggy tour in Dubai, look for any discounts or special offers for groups and the off-season period, which might help you save some money.


The Dune Buggy Dubai tours are surely a popular choice of adventure. We highly recommend these tours if you are in the city and looking to try something different and exciting. These tours are safe, reliable and perfect for family fun and group holidays. Remember to follow your guide’s instructions and drive sensibly; we guarantee you will have the most amazing time.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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