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Ramadan Special Offers for Buggy Rental in Dubai

Dune Buggy Dubai

Are you in Dubai seeking some adventure and thrilling desert adventure activities in Ramadan but wondering if those are put on hold during the Holy Month? Well, we are glad to inform you that you can enjoy the most exciting desert adventures, the dune buggy Dubai rides, at discounted prices all month long.

Plus, you also get to enjoy Bedouin hospitality at the campsite, along with a delicious Iftar Buffet dinner that will surely make the whole experience more memorable and exciting. To help you select the best deals and packages for dune buggy tours during Ramadan, we have prepared this brief guide. In case, as a non-Muslim, you don’t know what Ramadan is and what Muslims do during this month, we will start with a simple definition.

What is Ramadan?

The month of Ramadan, the most important month of the Islamic calendar, is a time for prayer and reflection. Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for nearly 30 days, and while fasting, they refrain from eating, drinking, or engaging in prohibited activities.

Upon completion of a day of fasting, Muslims eat meals at social gatherings known as Iftar with friends and families. Iftar time commences around sunset, compared to suhoor, which is around sunrise.

Desert Activities in Dubai During Ramadan

When it comes to desert adventures and activities in Dubai, you can have as much fun as you want without any restrictions. Among all the desert activities, dune buggy rental Dubai is the most popular choice. These vehicles are not only thrilling but also safe, convenient, and perfect for family and group tours, ensuring your comfort and peace of mind.

You can easily book a dune buggy ride from a local tour company at any time during the day. In fact, during Ramadan, several tour operators offer discounted prices on their packages to attract more customers since people fasting prefer to stay in the city. However, you can still enjoy all the desert adventures while fasting without any issues at all. The tour guide will take care of all your needs, although old persons or those with medical problems should avoid desert activities while fasting.

Many tour companies also offer their guests a unique opportunity to break their fast at a desert campsite with a delicious Iftar buffet dinner. An experience such as this is something that makes your desert tour a memorable one. There is no rule about whether one should fast to enjoy

Dune Buggy Dubai

Dune Buggy Rental Deals for the Month of Ramadan

Here are some of the best dune buggy deals you can book in Dubai during Ramadan:

  • Sunset Desert Tour

Ramadan desert tours are best enjoyed around the evening during sunset hours. Here, you can go on off-roading exploration for 1 or half hour and come back to the campsite to enjoy an Iftar BBQ buffet and relax for a bit. You can continue your tour after Iftar time and try exploring in the dark for some fun and memorable experiences.

We say a 1 hour or half because if you are fasting, then it’s best to keep your tour short so you don’t exhaust yourself. The pricing for a 1 seater Polaris Buggy starts at around 799 AED for 1 hour, and a 2 seater Polaris Buggy costs 899 AED for the same duration. If you are not fasting, you can increase your duration if you want for an additional price.

The Iftar buffet is served with all packages with no additional costs at all.

  • Family and Group Buggy Tours

Dune buggies are ideal for family tours and excursions; they come with 4-seater capacity models that can easily accommodate 5-6 persons. A desert adventure with family or loved ones during Ramadan offers the best opportunity to create some refreshing and memorable moments.

The beautiful desert sceneries, sunset views, and Iftar at the campsite in a traditional setting all make for an unforgettable tour. 4-seater Polaris dune buggies cost 999 AED for 1 hour and 1349 AED for 2 hours. Like the previous package, the Iftar buffet is included in these packages.

You can opt for a Self-drive tour if you want a more private and intimate experience with your family.

  • Adventure Tours

If you are one of those individuals seeking a thrilling and daring off-roading adventure, we’ve got you covered. You can now rent Can-Am dune buggies, which are fast and agile and can easily traverse tough desert terrain with no issues at all.

2 seater Can-Am buggies cost 1399 AED for 1 hour and 2399 AED for 2 hours. Bear in mind these are expensive because they come with extra features like a more powerful engine and light frame that aids its purpose.


Dune buggy rental Dubai rides are surely an exciting and thrilling activity to try on your vacation. If you want to break your fast in peaceful desert settings and escape the crowded city settings, then we surely recommend that you try these rides.

Check our service tab for more detailed information on the packages at Best Dune Buggy Dubai to get a 20% discount on all the prices mentioned during Ramadan.

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