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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Family Fun in the Desert with Dune Buggy Rides Dubai

dune buggy ride dubai

Looking for something unique, fun, and thrilling to try with your family and children in Dubai but have no idea where to begin since there are so many activities to choose from? Well, there is no need to worry at all; you can now book a dune buggy ride Dubai and explore the vast and undulating Arabain deserts in a safe and convenient way.

However, before you begin this family fun journey in the wild and unknown side of Dubai, there are a few things to bear in mind regarding how to prepare for it and what to expect in the deserts. To help you with that, we have prepared this brief guide. Do read it till the end.

Why is Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure Ideal for Families?

Driving dune buggies in the deserts of the Arabian peninsula is quite a memorable experience. If you love adventure, then you must definitely book this ride and try it on your visit to Dubai. Here are a few reasons why you can book them for family tours:

  • Safe and Convenient Way for Off-Road Tour

Dune buggies provide a safe and convenient form of adventure for families. Unlike other desert vehicles, they come with built-in safety features like roll cages, seat belts, and large tires that help to protect you from accidents and provide better stability on rough desert surfaces when you drive at high speeds.

You also get additional safety equipment that includes a helmet, gloves, and a pair of shoes that protect you from injuries.

  • Suitable For Beginners

Dune buggy rides are suited for all skill levels regardless of experience. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner; some professionals can teach you how to drive them and tackle difficult desert terrain with ease. You can book the ‘Guided Tours’ option as a beginner to learn the driving techniques of dune buggies and get some insights into the desert landscape from the locals who know each and every inch of this location.

  • Various Seating Models to Choose From

Dune buggies are only desert vehicles that come with 4-seater capacity models that can easily accommodate your family and kids. You can rent these according to the time duration of 1,2,3 and 4 hours and explore deserts as much as you want to.

Remember that 4-seat models are more expensive, so have your budget set accordingly.

To give you a brief overview, here are some pricing details to remember. A 1-hour 4-seater buggy costs around 999 AED, a 2-hour cost 1349 AED, and a 4-hour cost 2499 AED.

dune buggy ride dubai
  • Various Scenic Spots to Explore

There are various scenic and tourist spots being developed in Dubai’s deserts that are perfect for family vacations. You can visit them on dune buggies and spend some quality time there, creating memories, having fun, and engaging in a photography session.

The most popular spots include Al-Qadra lakes, the Al-Marqoom desert, and Camel (Fossil Rock). If you are a seasonal expert, you can go on thrilling high-speed rides on your dune buggy Dubai adventure while exploring.

Preparing for Dune Buggy Adventure

Here is how to prepare for a dune buggy adventure with your family:

  • Ensure That Your Clothing is Comfortable

For the dune buggy ride, it is essential to make sure the passenger is comfortable. It is possible to pick a tour that provides good-quality buggies, and it is also important to dress up for the event. The text advises you to put on clothes if you are not afraid to get dirty, for the trip includes a lot of terrains. Yet another choice is to don a bandana, which can keep you warm in the event of the wind during the tour. Try covering your mouth with it when there’s a lot of dust.

Sunglasses are an essential item, too. You should have access to safety equipment from your tour company; hence, you will be able to participate in the journey with comfort and ease.

  • Energize Your Body

You should drink plenty of water before experiencing the experience as well as consume a nutritious breakfast. Nevertheless, make sure that you have taken a break after eating and that your stomach is not full before you ride.

The ride can be bumpy, and your stomach may react to it if you are riding a buggy with a full stomach.

  • Prepare for the Photography Session

You will have numerous photo opportunities during a dune buggy tour, so be sure to charge your phone or camera in advance. It is common for people to use a GoPro camera to record their dune buggy tours. So, if you have one of these cameras, be sure to bring it along.

  • Sun Protection

Dubai’s deserts are extremely hot, as you may have already realized. Despite your desire to maintain a healthy tan, you should not forget to protect yourself from the sun. If you fail to do so, you may become sunburnt or even suffer a sunstroke. In order to ensure that your skin remains safe throughout the day, you should carry sunscreen and reapply it regularly.


Dune buggy tours present the safest and ideal way to explore Arabain deserts with your family, escape city surroundings for a while, and spend some time in a serene environment. If you require more information on these tours, you can call Best Dune Buggy Dubai and check our services tab as well.

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