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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

Enjoy Quad Biking Dubai with the Best Dune Buggy Dubai

Quad Bike Dubai

Are you currently in Dubai and maybe wondering what lies behind the city walls and the secrets those vast deserts hold? Or you are just an avid adventurer and like to explore the wilderness with your friends. Well, in both cases, if you are eager to go and explore these parts, we have the ideal tour for you- The Ultimate Quad Bike Dubai. 

These 4-wheel ATV bikes are specially designed to tackle the rough desert terrain with ease, and you can easily book them through Best Dune Buggy Dubai. Check out our amazing offers in the service tab, or call us for more information if you need it. Here is a breakdown of what to expect during this thrilling and amazing ride when you book with us.

What is Quad Biking Dubai Adventure All About?

The quad bikes are 4-wheel bikes, or we can call them ATVs (All-terrain vehicles) because they are designed to be driven on all types of surfaces and terrain and not just roads and streets. Due to their 4-wheel design, they offer greater stability when driving on an uneven and bumpy surface. Plus, they have more powerful engines compared to regular bikes, which offers a thrilling experience and is the main reason why adventure lovers book them for off-roading trips.

Dubai’s vast deserts are perfect for driving quad bikes and planning an adventure tour with your family and friends. Quad bikes prove very useful in these desert areas, and you can drive them with ease if you know how to handle and tackle tough situations.

Even if you don’t know how to drive quad bikes, there is no need to worry; you can always book ‘Guided Tours’ with ‘Best Dune Buggy’, and our guided experts can teach you to drive and provide several helpful tips on how to overcome challenging situations in the desert.

What is the Cost of a Quad Bike Dubai Ride?

The cost of a quad bike Dubai ride starts around 489 AED for 1 hour and as you increase the duration, the cost increases as well. For instance, 2 hours cost 789 AED, and 4 hours will cost you 899 AED.

Costs sometimes may also vary according to the bike model you have booked. For example, higher-end models with powerful engines cost more. The Aeon Cobra 400cc is one such model, and it costs 799 AED for 1 hour, 999 AED for 2 hours, and 2199 AED for 4 hours. However, do remember to book the higher-end models if you are professional and know your way around the desert. If you are a beginner or just learning new driving skills, it’s better to go for lower-end models. Further, your tour company can guide you better on which model suits you best.

What to Expect During Quad Bike Safari Dubai Ride?

Here is what you can expect during the quad bike safari Dubai tour with Best Dune Buggy Dubai:

  • Safety Brief Sessions

All the quad biking tours in Dubai are conducted under strict safety guidelines to ensure the protection and well-being of the guests. We at Best Dune Buggy Dubai always prioritize the safety of our guests. You will be given safety briefings before the tour starts, along with top-notch safety equipment that includes a helmet, gloves, goggles, and sports clothing.

Quad Bike Dubai
  • Quad Biking Ride

The duration of the quad biking session depends on the package you have booked, and most people book 1-hour and 2-hour packages. Those who like riding for longer durations can book 4 hours, too. Once the safety briefing is over, the adventure starts. In guided tours, the expert guide remains alongside you and teaches you how to drive a quad bike along with a few valuable tricks. 

  • Stunning Desert Views

Quad biking experience does give you an adrenaline rush that you crave when you drive at high speeds and tackle tough terrain or climb tall dunes in a thrilling manner, but that’s not all that you get to enjoy. You also get to witness the beautiful desert scenery along with several other scenic spots in the region.

The views from the top of the dunes are spectacular, and you can think of them as a sea of golden sand that stretches out before you in all directions.

  • Photography Opportunities

The Quad Biking session generally comes with photo-taking options, as most tour operators offer. Get impressed by the desert beauty and make unforgettable memories of your exciting adventure. Don’t forget to click a few shots of the sunset scenery around the evening if you get the chance.

  • Refreshments at the Campsite

After you are done with your quad bike Dubai ride, you can return to the campsite and enjoy local refreshments like coffee, tea, qahwa, and shisha and relax on comfortable sofas. You can also interact with locals and other tourists and make new friends if you want to.


Quad bike Dubai tour is a must-do activity for those individuals who are looking for an adventurous off-roading trip for their vacations and want to spend some quality time away from a noisy city environment.

Best Dune Buggy Dubai offers the most affordable and ideal quad bike packages you can find in the city. Do call us if you are in the mood for off-roading thrills.

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