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Dune Buggy vs. Quad Bikes: Dubai’s Ultimate Off-Road Experience

Dune Buggy Dubai

Everyone knows that Dubai is heaven for off-roading adventures. Dune buggy Dubai and ATV quad bikes are among the most popular choices for such activities. You can easily rent these vehicles from a local tour operator at affordable costs and even get discounts.

However, people often get confused about how to choose the vehicle for their desert adventure from these two choices. To help you with that, today we’ll outline the main differences between both vehicles so you can decide which is ideal given your requirements and circumstances. Let’s get started.

A Brief Overview of the Vehicles

First, let’s understand a little about both vehicles and their main features:

  • Dune Buggies

Dune buggies are lightweight and open-air vehicles built for driving in desert conditions that include sandy terrain, rough surfaces, and steep dunes. They are designed with several safety features, including roll cages, seat belts, and bucket seats.

Buggies come in 1,2 and 4-seater capacity models and are, therefore, best for group and family adventures. They are much easier to drive, and even a new rider can learn how to drive them in no time at all. The Polaris and Can-Am buggies are the most popular in Dubai.

  • ATV Quad Bikes

Quad bikes are another popular desert vehicle tourists like to rent in Dubai. These are 4-wheeler bikes and one might say they work in the same way as motorbikes. They are built for a similar purpose as dune buggies which are off-road exploration on the toughest desert terrain.

These vehicles are usually single-rider vehicles with handlebar steering, although some models are available with seating for two passengers. They come in various sizes starting with smaller ones with moderate engines and bigger ones with powerful engines. The rider can choose any as per their preference and skill level.

Choosing the Ideal Vehicle among the Both Choices

Dune Buggy Dubai

Now that you understand the details about both vehicles, let’s discuss how to choose from them. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Riding Experience

Those who are beginners or have never been on a desert adventure before can choose dune buggies because they are easy to drive and offer a much safer ride. The Quad bikes on the other hand, require skills to drive in the desert on bumpy paths.

The Quad bike is also much more powerful and requires an experienced rider to control it. Therefore, beginners and first-time riders should consider dune buggies as the best option.

  • Safety Considerations

As we have discussed, dune buggies are much safer to drive than quad bikes because they have several built-in features that protect the rider from injuries. However, you’ll be provided safety equipment for both rides, such as a helmet and goggles, which you must wear when driving to avoid getting hurt.

  • Number of People in Group

The next factor to consider when choosing between buggies and ATVs is the number of people in the group. Buggies are best for group rides because of their 4-seater models, while quad bikes are best for solo rides.

Although in a group of friends, everyone would want to ride separately and enjoy off-roading at their own pace rather than together in that case, the quad bikes are the ideal choice. If you have family and kids and want to stick together and bond, then dune buggies are more suitable.

  • Prices

Both dune buggies and quad bikes come in various pricing ranges depending on the model and duration of the tour. Although dune buggies are more expensive given their safety features and 4-seater models compared to quad bikes. So when booking a buggy tour in Dubai remember to inquire about the prices of both vehicles before making a final decision.

  • Thrill Factor

The final thing to consider when choosing between a dune buggy and a quad bike is the thrill and excitement factor. This is important for those who want to try something exciting, and daring and test their driving skills in the toughest terrain.

If you are looking for a heart-pounding ride and to test your off-roading skills, choose quad bikes. They require more skills for driving in the desert, as well as maintaining your balance on bumpy surfaces with steep dunes and sharp turns.


Desert adventures are quite popular in Dubai, and if you are here on vacation with family or a business trip, you should definitely try them with your group. Off-roading activities such as these help to relax your mind and offer a change of scenery one gets bored of seeing in the city. 

Dune buggy rental Dubai and ATV Quad biking Dubai are the 2 most popular desert adventure rides you can book here. We have discussed various factors you need to consider before booking any of them. If you still have any queries, be sure to contact us at the given number(+971-543435761); our staff will be happy to help you.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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