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Dirt Bikes or Motorcycles Which One Will Make Your Heart Race?

Dirt Bike Dubai

Dubai is the ideal destination for adventure lovers who come to try exciting off-roading rides on bikes in the city’s vast and beautiful deserts and paved roads. People often have difficulty deciding which bike, a dirt bike Dubai or a motorcycle, is most suitable for such activities.

Although both are suitable for action-packed and thrilling rides, people often can’t tell the difference between them. They have specific characteristics that make them suitable for different terrain and personal preferences. To help clear this confusion, read this article until the end as we explain in detail the differences between both. Let’s get started.

What Is a Dirt Bike?

Dirt bikes are small and lightweight bikes specially designed for off-road racing. They are light-framed, have large tires, and have powerful engines suitable for this purpose. You can ride them on roads with rough terrain, sand, steep hills, or any terrain that cannot be covered on foot or a normal bicycle.

As mentioned, dirt bikes are designed for off-road use; therefore, racing them at high speeds and experiencing bumpy roads in deserts or hills is for sure exciting. This is why dirt bike rental Dubai is one of the preferred activities in the region. Riding them involves some skills such as standing on pegs, shifting body weight, and controlling the throttle as the surface alters. The lovers of thrilling rides can take their friends for motocross racing in the desert.

What is a Motorcycle?

Motorcycles, on the other hand, are meant for long highway trips and are slightly heavier, too. Instead of driving them in the desert or off-road terrains, you can drive them on paved surfaces like highways, coastal regions, cross-country, or city tours. They are easier to handle and perfect for long-distance rides than dirt bikes. There is one similarity between both: they offer high speed as and when needed.

Moreover, motorcycles are of different categories, the common ones being sports, tour, and cruiser bikes, all of which are unique in their own way.

Choosing Between a Dirt Bike and a Motorcycle

Now that you understand the differences between both bikes, let’s discuss some factors that will help you decide which one best suits your needs.

Dirt Bike Dubai
  • Driving Preferences

The first factor to consider is the terrain or area you want to drive and explore in Dubai. Since the city is surrounded by vast deserts, a dirt bike is the obvious choice if you wish to explore these parts. You can also choose from other desert vehicles, like Dune buggies and quad bikes that offer similar experiences.

Conversely, motorcycles are more suitable for driving in city areas, such as roads, highways, and streets. These are the best choices if you want to explore Dubai’s city sights.

  • Your Preferred Riding Style

The next thing to consider is the riding style. If you seek a thrilling adventure of riding on challenging areas like steep dunes and bumpy terrain and testing your driving skills, choose dirt bikes, as they are built for these off-road tours. Motorcycles are more suited for casual rides on roads and streets within the city, and if someone knows how to drive in traffic areas, these are the best choices.

  • Skill Level

Driving dirt bikes or motorcycles requires different skills. Dirt bikes are lightweight and, therefore, easy to drive, but they require more skill since they have to be driven in challenging off-road conditions. One must know how to maintain balance as the terrain changes. Braking and clutch controls come quite in handy for them.

Motorbikes are heavy but much easier to drive because they are built for plain surfaces and are faster than dirt bikes. However, one must know how to drive at high speeds in traffic areas, because that’s where you’ll be driving them.

  • Rental Costs

The rental costs of dirt bikes and motorcycles vary according to the model and time duration. However, dirt bikes are more expensive to rent compared to motorcycles. You can rent a KTM dirt bike for a few hours to a full day for around 800-1600 AED. Motorcycles cost around 800-900 AED per day. Tour companies usually provide safety equipment for both bikes, including helmets and gloves.

Do keep these price ranges in mind whenever making this decision.


Dirt bikes and motorcycles are the best choices for bike lovers who like to go on exploration tours with their friends or fellow riders. The decision to choose between them comes down to personal preferences and other factors highlighted above, but remember, whichever you choose, you will surely have a memorable and exciting time.

Contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai today and book your dirt bike ride at affordable costs. If you have any questions about desert activities in Dubai, please call us (+971-543435761).

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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