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Choosing Between Dirt Biking or ATV Quads for a Desert Tour in Dubai?

Dirt Bike Dubai

The off-roading adventures in Dubai are quite popular worldwide. These adventures provide tourists with an exciting opportunity to explore the beautiful deserts and enjoy the thrilling experience of driving on challenging surfaces.

The two most popular vehicles for such rides here are dirt bike Dubai and ATVs. Both offer an exciting experience and are solely built for off-roading, however, many times people might get confused about which to choose for their tour. So today to clear this confusion we’ll look at the main features of both vehicles and explain a few factors to help you with the selection. Let’s get started.

A Brief Overview of Dirt Bikes

Dirt bikes are lightweight two-wheelers that are designed for traveling in tough and challenging areas like deserts, sands, rocky hills, and similar places. Driving them requires special skills and they can travel at very fast speeds which can be difficult to handle, especially in the areas we have mentioned above.

If you are an avid adventurer and like off-roading challenges then no doubt dirt bikes are the best option. They are best for sports racing like motocross which is common in Dubai deserts and more importantly they can easily get into small spaces where you can’t go on regular vehicles.

However, remember dirt bikes are comparatively less safe and prone to accidents if you are not careful. Always wear safety equipment when riding them such as helmets, gloves, and goggles and follow your guide’s instructions.

A Brief Overview of ATV Quad Bikes

The quad bikes are four-wheeler bikes also known as ATVs (All-terrain-vehicles). Compared to dirt bikes they are much safer and easy to ride and drive. Even a beginner can ride them with little guidance.

Similar to dirt bikes they are designed for off-roading activities and you can easily take them to the desert for exploration and adventure activities. Some models also come with 2-seaters and you can ride with an extra passenger as well.

If comfort and safety are your preference then quad bikes are ideal options, however, they are heavyweight vehicles and not much suited for driving on difficult terrain unless someone is a seasonal rider and knows their way around the area.

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Between ATV and Dirt Bikes

Dirt Bike Dubai

Now that you understand what dirt bikes and ATVs are, let’s discuss 4 main factors to consider when choosing between them.

  • Thrill and Adventure

If you seek a thrilling and exciting experience then dirt bikes is the best choice. They are fast, require skills, and are suitable for driving on even the toughest terrain without any issues. Although quad bikes are also well suited for thrilling rides and ideal for those who are looking for a mix of adventure and comfort. Their 4-wheel design provides more stability and even some newbie riders will have no difficulty in driving and handling them in the desert.

Talking about comfort if you want a comfortable and safe riding experience for groups and families then go for dune buggies. Dune buggies are similar to ATV quad bikes but they come with extra safety features and 4-seater models which makes them suitable for group rides.

  • Skill Level and Ease of Use

Dirt biking definitely requires more skill and techniques to drive in the desert compared to quad bikes. They are 2-wheelers and therefore require physical strength to drive in challenging areas. They are not suitable for beginners or those who have never been to the desert before. One must take them for practice rides in plain areas and fully understand their controls.

Quad bikes are easier to operate and are perfect for beginners who want to try the off-roading experience.

  • Comfort

While dirt bikes are designed to be ridden standing up most of the time, ATVs offer riders more comfortable and spacious seats compared to dirt bikes. Riding a dirt bike is a rather stressful activity, so those who have back or neck issues should probably switch to an ATV instead. Operating dirt bikes involves a lot of standing and sitting and this may cause groin pain.

Dirt bikes have small seats, and a higher center of mass than ATVs, so if you want comfort, then ATVs are more suitable.

  • Safety

Regarding which off-road vehicle is safer, it all comes down to how you use it. Due to their strong build and simple operation, ATVs are usually considered safer than dirt bikes.

Quads are often known to roll over on their riders, and due to their weight, the outcome is mostly fatal or at least very serious. In general, ATVs are much heavier than dirt bikes, which are more prone to accidents. Even though dirt bike accidents are dangerous and sometimes fatal, they do not cause broken bones but rather, bruises and sprains.

Regardless of which one you are on, remember to put on the safety gear that is provided and listen to the tour guide’s instructions.


Whether you go with an ATV Quad bike or a dirt bike for your off-road desert adventure in Dubai you are guaranteed to have a fun and thrilling experience. In the end, choice comes down to personal preferences. If you want a more daring and heart-pounding experience then go for dirt bikes otherwise if you are looking for a relaxing and comfortable ride then quad bikes are best.

Contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai today and book your dirt bike and ATV packages at affordable costs which include expert guidance and pick-and-drop service too.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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