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What is the Dubai Desert Dune Buggy: Best Dune Buggy Dubai

dubai desert dune buggy

Dubai is a paradise for tourists, especially adventure lovers. There are so many things to try here. A Dubai Desert dune buggy ride is a popular activity that attracts the attention of Dubai desert visitors. It is a must-try for those who like off-roading and who are fond of heart-pounding adventures. The 2000-cc buggies come with the most powerful engines and other necessary functions that make them suitable for driving on sandy and uneven surfaces.

If you are a rookie dune buggy rider looking forward to trying this fun activity, you should know what this ride is and how you should get ready for it. Here, you will find all the essentials about Dune Buggy Dubai. So, let’s get started.

What is Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Adventure?

Dune buggies are off-road vehicles made for driving on rough surfaces, such as deserts, beaches, and hills. They are small in size, have large tyres, and are open-designed, which makes them suitable for driving on desert dunes or other difficult off-road conditions. They also have several safety features installed, like roll cages and seat belts that help protect drivers from injuries and accidents.

Since a vast desert surrounds Dubai, these vehicles are perfect for exploring and adventuring in these areas. Many people who like adventures and going on off-road trips with their friends and families will find Dune Buggy Dubai to their liking.

You can easily rent a dune buggy in Dubai from a tour company that offers different models according to seating capacities and tour duration. Keep a budget of roughly 800-900 AED per person for two-hour buggy rides.

Interesting Facts That You Need to Know About Dune Buggy Rides

Here are some interesting facts to know about dune buggy rides in Dubai:

  • It’s Suitable for Every Skill Level

Riding a buggy is not a skill that is learned over time; rather, anyone can do it. People do not need any driving skills to have a buggy ride. Before getting on the buggy, your instructors will help you learn how to operate it and acquaint you with its controls. ‘Guided Tours’ is a service where you can book to learn how to drive it.

  • It Comes in Different Models

Dune buggies are available in different models based on the type of engine and seating capacities. The most frequent ones you can see in Dubai are Polaris and Can-Am buggies, which can be found in 1, 2 or 4 seats. Polaris buggies are appropriate for new riders or those who do not have much experience, while Can-Am models are perfect for pros and seasoned drivers. A solo or a duo ride can be enjoyed with 2-seater buggies, and 4-seaters are suitable for family and group tours.

  • A Good Choice for Exploring the Desert

The most beautiful way to admire the picturesque view of the desert is to ride on a buggy. As previously stated, such automobiles are developed to be driven on the sand. The thrill of zipping over the dunes at high speed and the challenge of maintaining your balance will definitely be an experience that will stay with you for a long time.

dubai desert dune buggy
  • No Need to Worry About Safety

During a desert ride, you are provided with helmets and goggles to protect your head, ears, and eyes from the dust. Do listen to your tour guide’s instructions about the safety rules and speed limit you must follow and adhere to them throughout the tour.

Also, it’s up to you now to check the quality of the equipment provided and see if it fits you properly. If you are not satisfied, you can have it replaced.

Safety Guidelines and Tips for Dune Buggy Adventures

Although dune buggy rides are safe in Dubai, you don’t need to worry too much, as we have mentioned. Still, here are a few additional tips to remember:

  • Make Sure You Fasten Your Seatbelt

It is always advisable to wear a seat belt when riding a buggy. It will help keep you safe, especially if you happen to be involved in a severe accident. This is especially important if you are riding with a group.

  • Wear Comfortable Clothes

Wear comfortable clothes made from cotton and linen that allow easy breathing. Since you are traveling in the desert, it’s best to wear full-sleeved clothes that protect you from harmful sun rays. Don’t wear expensive or loose jewellery because it might get lost during the ride.

  • Follow Your Tour Guide’s Instructions Carefully

Your instructor will give you safety instructions before you begin driving. You should pay close attention to what they say and act accordingly. If you have any questions about the ride around this time, ask and clear up the confusion. Keep a radio or phone with you so you can contact your guide if you get lost.

  • Keep a Water Bottle With You

Do keep a water bottle for your dune buggy ride in the desert. It’s hot, and you will likely feel dehydrated and exhausted. Drinking water and taking regular breaks during the ride will surely ensure a smooth and relaxing experience.

  • Avoid Standing Up during the Ride

The excitement of the dune buggy ride may sometimes cause you to stand up between rides. Keep in mind, however, that this is a dangerous action. Standing up while riding can result in serious injuries if you fall.


Dune buggy rides are quite a popular adventure in Dubai. If you like going on off-roading trips and exploring the scenic beauty of nature, add these to your list of must-do activities on your visit here.

Best Dune Buggy Dubai cares for its guests and offers a variety of attractions and services that provide them with an enjoyable and unique experience. You can contact us now without hesitation if you want to book a buggy ride.

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