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Pros and Cons of Dirt Bikes in Dubai

Dirt Bike Dubai

If you like adventures and thrilling activities, you must visit Dubai and go on exciting off-road trips in the vast deserts surrounding the city. Dirt Bike Dubai tours are very popular here, and if you know how to ride a regular bike and its basics, then this shouldn’t be a problem at all.

You can take these bikes for a trip around the Arabian Desert to check out the natural beauty and also try some exciting stuff like driving a bike at high speeds on bumpy terrain or steep dunes or doing a motocross challenge with your friends. Before planning such a trip, here are some important things to know about Dirt Bike Rental Dubai tours.

3 Benefits of Going on Dirt Bike Dubai Tours

Here are 3 benefits you get to enjoy by participating in Dirt Bike Dubai tours:

  • Enjoy an Adventurous Activity

If you like going on daring adventures while trying something new and unique, then you’ll definitely love dirt biking. These bikes are specially designed to be driven on difficult desert surfaces, and the person is sure to have fun driving them in such conditions if he or she knows his or her way around the desert.

Plan a tour with your friends and fellow riders, and we guarantee you’ll have fun exploring the deserts on this thrilling ride.

  • Explore the Desert Beauty

Dubai’s deserts are among the most beautiful in the world, and a dirt biking tour allows you to explore these areas, see natural and scenic locations, and spend some quality time away from the noisy city.

There are plenty of things to do in these deserts while exploring. Some areas are wildlife habitats like desert conservation reserves so if you like animals, then visit these. Other than that, some are top tourist spots like Al-Qadra lakes, and some offer magical sunsets and must-see sunrise views. Take a camera along to capture all the memorable moments here.

  • Safe Form of Adventure

Dirt bike rental in Dubai is a safe adventure, and almost every tour company prioritizes safety above all else. They provide the riders with first-class protective gear, including helmets, gloves, and goggles. The tour guide also gives a safety briefing before the tour, which you must listen to and follow carefully.

Other than that, the tour guides are available throughout the tour, and you can call them if you are in a difficult situation or might have gotten lost in the desert.

Dirt Bike Dubai

3 Concerning Things to Know About Dirt Biking Dubai

While dirt biking sounds like an exciting thing to do in Dubai deserts, however, there are some risks as well that you need to be aware of:

  • Highly Skilled Activity

There is no doubt that dirt biking is a highly skilled activity that requires sharpness of mind, agility, and weight-shifting techniques when driving in the desert.

For beginners and newbie riders, we recommend taking some driving lessons about dirt biking before going into the desert. Understand the controls and driving techniques required to drive in desert areas. If you can, take it for a test drive before going in the desert.

If you want to try a low-skilled adventure, go for dune buggy tours. Do read our guide on the Pros and Cons of Dune Buggy Riding.

  • Risk of Injury

Dirt biking, compared to other desert adventures in Dubai, is risky, and there is always a chance of getting injured or getting involved in a fatal accident that can result in bruises and broken bones. Even though you get protective gear and a tour guide at your service, the risk is always there.

To avoid this, don’t try reckless driving unless you are a pro, know the desert terrain quite well, and understand how to drive through difficult areas.

  • Physically Demanding Activity

Dirt biking is a physically demanding activity; one must be fit and healthy to participate. Anyone who has heart issues, asthma, or back pain should avoid it at all costs unless they get permission from a doctor.

Dirt biking involves handling a bike on bumpy and steep surfaces in the desert, plus dealing with blowing sand and dust in the face, which makes it even more challenging. So, if you are a newbie, keep these things in mind.


If you are an adventure lover, then dirt biking is definitely something that you should try while in Dubai. We hope the points highlighted in the article can help you decide if it’s the right activity and what essential things to remember if you are going for the first time.

If you still have any questions and are looking for affordable dirt biking packages with Guided Tours then be sure to contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai and browse through our services tab for detailed information.

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