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How to Prepare for Your First Desert Dirt Bike Dubai Tour?

Dirt Bike Dubai

The adventure of dirt biking, or motorcycling, is always a challenge, especially on rocks and sand. Many travelers find Dubai to be an attractive destination for sightseeing and shopping when they visit this destination for a vacation. However, that is not the case at all! There is much more to see and do in Dubai, and we do not want to forget to mention the dirt bike Dubai tour.

Most of you have experienced riding a motorcycle on roads and streets. However, riding it on the sand presents a completely different experience. For first-time participants, it is an adrenaline-packed experience. However, you should exercise caution when selecting a rental service that offers superior dirt bike services in Dubai. With their help, you will be able to impact the sand with all your power and test all of your riding skills to the fullest. It is also possible for some rental providers to provide some training prior to renting the equipment so that beginners can ride over the sand more comfortably.

Riding a bike in hostile weather conditions in the desert is nothing short of a challenge. We have compiled some mandatory tips for you to follow in order to prepare yourself for the dirt bike tour in Dubai. Here is what we will be discussing:

How to Prepare for Your First Dirt Bike Dubai Ride

Here are some important considerations to remember for your first dirt bike off-roading trip in Dubai:

  • Ensure That You Are Physically Fit

Some people may find it challenging to ride on the sand and engage in strenuous physical activity. In most cases, your legs will need to be strong enough to drive a bike and handle the tough and challenging situations that may arise.

Therefore, it is necessary to balance the bike, to push it, and to pick it up if it becomes stuck in the sand. It may be exhausting for you to ride your bike in the sand if it becomes stuck. Whenever you are exploring the sand for the first time, ensure that your body is in good condition.

  • Practice Before Going on Final Tour

If you are taking the dirt bike tour of Dubai for the first time, be sure to practice as much as possible before you step into the sand. There could be no more frustrating experience than trying to ride a bike or any vehicle in tough desert conditions and terrain. Whenever you have time, you may practice riding over the off-road paths before venturing over the deserts of Dubai.

The deserts are often characterized by violent sandstorms, and therefore, knowing the weather is also an important consideration for cyclists.

With the help of online videos, you will be able to devote all your attention to riding on a dirt bike under any conditions. If you are looking for dirt bike rental companies, you can easily learn some basic training techniques before taking the dirt bike out for the first time. As a rider, you should be aware of when you need to brake, when to pull it, and when to balance yourself on the bike. As a new biker, this is a very important tip to keep in mind.

  • Make Sure You Carry Enough Water With You

You should keep your body hydrated throughout the day, especially if you are going to ride a dirt bike in the hot desert sun for several hours. Some riders may find the scorching sun heat frustrating, especially children and adults who are not accustomed to it. It is important to take a sufficient amount of water with you after each ride in order to keep yourself hydrated.

Dirt Bike Dubai
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing

For Dirt Bikes Dubai tour clothing, it is recommended that you choose something cool and lightweight. Make sure you are completely protected from any sideburns that may happen due to UV sun rays. It would be a good idea to invest in some cooling vests that will allow you to keep your skin cool at all times. There will be no bloating of the moisture. When riding a bike, you should not wear socks as sand can get into your shoes and make you uncomfortable.

  • Do Some Research on Your Own About Desert Bike Rides

The best way to ensure that you are getting what you expect from an outing, whether you are going alone or with friends, is to conduct appropriate research before going out. Ensure that you are familiar with the predominant area, the type of dirt bike, and its primary purpose. Deserts are infamous for harsh sandstorms, so, learning about the weather is also a crucial factor for bike riders.


A reliable and professional dirt bike tour Dubai Company will provide you with information about the Dubai desert when you hire their dirt bike tour Dubai services. Renting dirt bikes is not the only service provided by rental companies in Dubai; you can also opt for dune buggy Dubai tours and quad biking.

If you are looking for such services on vacation please contact Best Dune Buggy Dubai and or check our services tab for more information on the packages we offer.

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