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Experience Thrilling Dune Buggy Dubai tour with us

A Brief Guide to Dubai Desert Dune Buggy Adventures

Dubai Desert Dune Buggy

If you like exciting, thrilling and adventurous activities then do consider Dubai desert dune buggy adventures if you are on vacation. These exciting tours allow you to explore the vast deserts of Dubai on powerful buggies that are built to withstand tough conditions and offer an amazing experience too.

These vehicles are easy to drive and even someone who knows nothing about them can learn the basic controls in a short time. Many tour operators nowadays offer dune buggy Dubai rides at affordable prices; so booking a ride should not be a problem at all. For those who are planning to go on this exciting trip please read this brief and helpful guide.

Important Things to Remember for Dune Buggy Dubai Rides

Here are 5 important things to remember when planning dune buggy adventure:

Always Book the Tour From a Well-Reputed Company

The first thing to remember is to always book a buggy tour from a well-reputed company that has positive customer reviews and at least 10 years of experience. Research about some top companies in the area and read reviews on Trip Advisor, Google reviews and other forum websites. Never book from a company with negative reviews.

Understanding the Controls of Dune Buggy

The first and foremost thing to remember is to have a thorough understanding of buggy controls. It includes everything like gears, steering wheel and clutch systems. Also, understand other unique features of buggy as well like roll cages, large tires, and seat belts and their importance in desert driving.

If you don’t know much then no need to worry there are tour guides available in the desert who can give you the basics. The technique is basically the same as driving a car, however driving in desert conditions is a completely different thing which is something these guides can teach. To experience the ultimate thrill of desert adventure always listen to your tour guides.

Wear the Safety Equipment

Always wear the safety equipment provided by the tour company before hopping on a buggy. The desert adventure rides are very risky and may result in fatal accidents therefore it’s best to come prepared to prevent serious injuries.

The safety equipment mostly includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, goggles and sometimes sports clothing too. Please inspect the equipment before the ride and ensure it fits properly and is not too tight or loose. Ask the tour guide to replace it if either of these issues are found.

dubai desert dune buggy

For additional safety tips please read our Insider Guide to Dune Buggy Adventures.

Pack Some Essential Items for the Tour

You can also pack some essential items for the tour that might come in handy and make the whole trip comfortable. Such as a sunscreen lotion helps to protect against harmful sun rays. Similarly hats and sunglasses do the same. A water bottle to keep yourself hydrated and refreshed throughout the tour.

Bring a camera as well for capturing the beautiful sights, sceneries and memorable moments of the tour.

Checkout the Scenic Spots in the Desert

Dubai deserts are very beautiful and there are many breathtaking spots that you need to check out. Besides thrill, many people also book buggy tours to explore the desert and see the beauty of the area. If you plan on doing the same then we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

The best spots to checkout include Al-Qadra lakes, Al-Badayer deserts (Red Dune), Fossil rocks and Al-Awir desert. There are many others as well obviously, you can’t see all the locations in single so decide beforehand. See which place suits your liking.


The dune buggy ride Dubai adventures not only offer an exciting experience but allow us to explore and see a completely different side of Dubai that hardly anyone knows about. We hope you found this brief guide helpful and for more information please call us on the number mentioned below or message us at WhatsApp.

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

Muhammad Bilal Mohsin

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